Law Enforcement / Security Officer Training

Law Enforcement Training

NCDOJ In Service Firearms Qualification
Yearly in-service firearms training for Law Enforcement officers. This course is approximately 5 hours long.

Requalify with a secondary gun ()2 hours long).

Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
This course is approximately 16 hours long.

Basic Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) Training

This Course is approximately 40 hrs long.

Advanced Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) Training
This Course is approximately 40 hrs long.

PPSB Basic Security Officer Training Program
The purpose of this course is to help Security Officers develop a basic understanding of the functions of a Private Security Officer and to teach them how to be a good representative for their company.

The course outline consists of, Ethics and Professionalism, Crime Prevention, Controlled Substances, Report Writing, Powers Of Detainment, Search & Seizure, Use Of Force, Hazardous Materials, & Anti- Terrorism.

This course Is approximately 16 hours long.

It is mandatory by the PPSB to take this course before signing up for the Firearms Training Program.

PPSB Firearms Training For Security Officers
The legal aspects of carrying a weapon and understanding the provisions of law that allow an armed Security Officer to use deadly force are critical to the performance of the Officer’s job. Understanding where one can carry a weapon and when that weapon can be used is of paramount importance and a great personal responsibility to the armed Security Officer.

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the knowledge and skills to safely handle firearms and to deliver accurate fire shooting situations.

This course is approximately 24 hours long.

OC Pepper Spray Course
The primary mission of our company is to provide Security & Law
Enforcement with the finest products and training available to enable those who protect us, to
be safer, more efficient and more effective in carrying out their duties.

This course provides the student with a basic understanding of OC pepper Spray
utilizing methods of practical application.

This course is approximately 4 hours long and involves minor exposure.

ASP Tactical Baton
The ASP Basic Certification (ABC) training teaches security officers Tactical Baton fundamentals in an operational setting. The ABC program focuses on techniques, mechanical functions and maintenance procedures for the ASP Tactical Baton.

The course increases Officer familiarity and skill with the expandable impact weapon. It also provides the Officer with efficient defensive impact weapon techniques without long hours of training and practice.

This course is approximately 4 hours long and involves a great amount of physical activity.

Air Taser Training Course
This course is designed to provide the officer with the theory & practical training necessary to effectively & safely operate the M26, X26, M18 & the new C2 Air Tasers.

This course Is approximately 4 hours long.

Defensive Tactics
This course is designed to present to the student basic, practical, and effective techniques and subject control methods for combative and resistive behavior encountered in the Security profession.

Course tactics consist of: pressure point techniques, stunning methods,distraction methods, take down techniques, multiple officer take down techniques, ground defense techniques, Handgun retention, handgun disarmament and blunt/knife defense.

The basic course is approximately 4 hours long.

Tactical Handcuffing
Handcuffing is probably one of the most overlooked areas by the Security profession. This could partially account for the high percentage of resistance during the handcuffing process. When resistance occurs, the opportunity for injury to the officer and suspect increases. Through proper understanding of the techniques involved in the handcuffing process, the Officers can enhance their awareness of the situation and complete the detainment quickly and safely.

This course provides the student with a basic understanding of handcuffing. During this course of instruction, the officers discuss and practice the techniques involved in the successful application of Tactical Handcuffing.

The basic course is approximately 4 hours long.

Please call for additional trainging and rates.

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