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NRA Basic Handgun, Shotgun, or Rifle Course: (NRA First Steps)

Whether you are interested in recreational shooting, competition, hunting, gun collecting, historical reenactment, home safety, or personal protection – the basics are where to start! The Basic Firearms Training Courses teach you the safety principles and help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude that are needed to successfully pursue your shooting interests.

Each course can be taken separately and is approximately 3 hours long.
(Private Instruction is available)

NC Concealed Handgun Course:
The purpose of this course is to explain to the student the aspects of the North Carolina Concealed Carry – Handgun law as it applies to the rights of the citizen to carry a concealed handgun and to teach and apply the fundamentals of safety and basic marksmanship fundamentals.

This Course is approximately 8 hours long plus range time.
(Private Instruction available)

AR-15 Carbine:

This course is designed to teach the student basic working knowledge, maintenance and marksmenship fundamentals of the AR-15 and variants. This course is suitable for Beginner and advance users.

This course is approximately 4 hours long.

Combat Practical Pistol:

 This course is designed to teach advanced users SRGC’s methods, concepts, theories and advanced handgun techniques.

A concealed handgun certification is a pre-requisite for this class.

This course is approximately 4 hours long.

Combat Practical Shotgun:
The shotgun is one of the most effective personal defense firearms available. Because of it’s devastating capability, the shotgun could create danger if placed in the hands of an untrained individual. The purpose of this Instruction is to educate the student of the workings of a shotgun and how to safely and effectively handle and fire a shotgun in a home defense situation.

This course is approximately 4 hours long.

Combat Practical Carbine:
Combat Practical Carbine is part 3 of our 3 part Combat Practical System. The purpose of this course is to learn the combat application of a modular rifle, carbine, or sub-gun. To include nomenclature, maintenance, repairs, customization and firing of a rifle, carbine, or sub-gun.

This course is approximately 4 hours long.

NRA Home Firearm Safety:
To teach the basic knowledge and skills, and to explain the attitude necessary for handling and storage of gun in the home.

This course is approximately 4 hours long.
(Private Instruction available)


NRA Range Safety Officer Course:

This Course will provide Range Safety Officers with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to organize, conduct, and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations.

This courses is approximately 8 hours long.

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